Mi, 02.11.2022
Doors open 19:00

Leider wurde die Tour abgesagt, anbei das Statement der Band. Tickets können an den VVK Stellen zurückgegeben werden, ein Ersatztermin ist derzeit nicht vorgesehen, sorrs für die Umstände!
+++ Tour 2022 cancelled +++
Herewith we would like to announce that it is not possible for us to realize the tour in October/November adequately.
It is known that it is currently very difficult to drive a tour under the still given circumstances. However, it should be said that purely logistically the tour would not have been impossible, although difficult.
Rather, too many other negative factors and external influences played a role in this cancellation, which would have made it simply impossible for us to carry out the tour with 100%. Considering that this can never be an option for Endstille, not being able to give you all that is possible, we decided not to go on a tour for the time being, until we can all have a good, satisfying and successful time together.
Our biggest thanks and honest apologies go to Moritz from Heart of Music Agency , who not only did unspeakably fantastic preparatory work in advance and trusted us to make this tour possible, but also showed us his understanding for this decision.
Furthermore, we also apologize to the rest of the tour troop, especially to the other bands Implore , Black Mood and our brothers in Arroganz !
Endstille 2022