Mi, 22.05.2019
Doors open 19:00


Das Konzert musste leider abgesagt werden.
hier das Statement der Band:

Dear fans of Artillery, dear fans in the Chech Republic and Austria.
As we write these words, we realize it is the very first time we are unable to play a tour…
This morning we still had numerous contractial deficiencies as we were waiting in the airport, hoping until the last minute, that everything would be settled, but sadly no.
No return tickets, no finished contractial agreement, no information about equipment and we were told several times to be patient, even though nothing happened. Procrastination and telling us stories to keep our hopes up.

Booker couldn’t be reached, but would write back sporadically, telling us that he had financial problems but at the same time, that everything would be fixed. In the end we had no more patience. We told him, that we had to have secured flights home in the very least. On this we were told stories we knew weren’t true. The decision was out of our hands.
We had no option, since the failings on the bookers behalf made it impossible for us to play.
It feels surreal to tell you this and you must know for sure, that we never wanted this!
We always play, no matter what, but we are not fools and we will not support the workings of a conman! We feel so sorry for this and we deeply hope that we can see each other at another gig. And to you guys in the bands who would have supported us. We have not recieved any money and we would have loved to hang out and play together.
This is a f***ed up situation! Just because of a contractual breach which could have been fixed and avoided.

We will see you again under a brighter sky!
Best regards






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